Crowdmade Membership Program

The best gets even better.

Get Rewarded.

Exclusive Perks

By joining our membership program, existing Crowdmade Creators gain access to even better pricing and more services than our already industry-leading base service level.

Level Up.

Membership Levels

Our membership levels are designed to offer you services tailored to your merchandise business as it grows.  

  • Silver Level
  • Gold Level
  • Platinum Level
  • Diamond Level

Our baseline Silver level of service is given to all of our creators regardless of a membership agreement. It is designed for creators to get established and comfortable with working together and includes our industry leading pricing and on-demand product selection.

Silver Level Perks

Industry Best Pricing

Full access to on-demand catalog

Basic Account Management Support

Gold memberships are our first level of enhanced membership. Available to all creators who sign a membership agreement, Gold memberships offer increased access to more complex products and an improvement in pricing over our Silver Level.  

Gold Level Perks

Gold Level Pricing

Dedicated Account Manager

Access to expanded product catalog

Complimentary Sampling

One Complimentary Design

Platinum Memberships are offered to our creators who exceed the average levels of sales across Crowdmade. This membership is for creators who have developed a strong merchandise business and have the sales volumes to support even the most custom products and creative campaigns.  

Platinum Level Perks

Platinum Level Pricing

Custom Manufacturing

Full Service Fulfillment

Executive Account Manager

Two Complimentary Designs

Custom Store Front

Patreon Rewards Program Support

By invitation only. Diamond memberships gain full access to our suite of merchandise services and beyond. If white glove services had a white glove service, it'd be a Crowdmade Diamond membership.

Diamond Level Perks

Exclusive, bespoke benefits.